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Largest Airport in the Nordic Countries


Copenhagen Airport is the biggest airport in the Nordic countries counting Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. More than 30 million travellers in 2019 and approximately a total of 22.000 people working at the same address, including shops and restaurants.

“Has eliminated all problems”

“Our drains remain maintenance free”

“Satisfactory customer experience”

CPH Copenhagen International Airport

” We have replaced the traditional water trap seals with GREEN DRAINs membrane trap seal, and this installation has eliminated all problems with odours coming from the floor drains. Being the largest airport in the Nordic Countries, hosting approximately 100.000 travelers daily, it is very important that our drains remain maintenance free, in order to always ensure a satisfactory customer experience.

GREEN DRAIN has really shown its worth in especially two places. Firstly, in the toilet facilities, where drain traps quickly evaporated due to the low amounts of water used in the new eco-friendly way of floor cleaning, compared to earlier methods. Secondly, in the ventilation rooms where vacuum also caused unpleasant smells from the sewer system. Both places GREEN DRAIN solved the problems easily.” 

Lars Jørgensen, Technical Services CPH
– Copenhagen International Airport

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