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GreenDrain Case



For over 5 years now at our FedEx location we have had an array of plumbing issues  and some examples are as follows:

  • Clogs and bacteria – Hair, food, the substance that I often refer to as “gunk,” grease and other debris created clogs in pipes where bacteria builds up, and an odor is released.
  • Sewer smells – Sometimes sewer gas can rise up through the drains if there are empty drain traps.
  • Pipe blockage – Drain pipes and sewer vent pipes can become clogged. • Water issues – Sulfates in the water can cause water to smell. This is characterized by a rotten egg smell.
  • Mold or mildew – Mold and mildew can build up and once remedied can still create smells.
  • Plumbing error – Sometimes mistakes are made and missing traps or vents can  cause a smell. Leaks and rotting drain tubes are things that can cause odors in  the drain as well. Even after these errors have been repaired, the smell can still  linger a bit.
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“How have we remedied these odors at the Fedex Niles location?”

“Nobody enjoys drain odor and other potential issues. Drains allow coronavirus and  other pathogens to contaminate indoor areas, exposing occupants to severe health  risks. Millions are spent pouring toxic chemicals into drains in a failed attempt to stop  pathogens. Green Drain™ is a cost-saving, environmentally friendly, one-way valve  that installs in seconds. Creating a barrier that stops infectious diseases from  spreading, as well as blocking toxic gases, odors, cockroaches, fruit flies, radon, and  back-flow-related flooding. We have used the following product in all of our bathroom  drains and this has not only eliminated our odor problem, but it has made our internal  customers more safe, which is very important today. You know I rarely do this type of  thing, but I stand by this product.”

Mark Daniels, Technician
– FedEx

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